NO MANS HEATH, England — Well it’s been a fun week so far at the Wheatsheaf!

Tuesday night we had a hen party in for a meal. Sixteen lovely, but very loud ladies. Sit down meal plenty to drink and entertainment… Oh yes, a nice fireman stripper, LOL. Apparently, he was very good!  It certainly made for an interesting night in the local. But it may have distracted our pool league, losing 4-3. I’m blaming the lads for being more interested in the hens!

Wednesday was unusually busy on food, with new people coming through the door. steady flow all night. Our card boys are regulars, and play bridge on the corner table that we reserve for them every week. Quiet group but good drinkers.

Thursday is always our quietest night, I blame the fact it’s my night off, haha.

Friday is always crazy, end of week “blow out,” but Saturday was one of our regular’s 40th birthday surprise party, with buffet and karaoke organized. He’s very popular so it was a great night.

Happy 40th birthday to our regular John Buckley (pictured with his wife).

Sunday this week is a special one, as my family are all coming for lunch. I think about 17 of us and five dogs. I love living so close to them. My family are the best!

— Tracey Whibberley, Owner