This month’s entertaining update from our former employee Tracey Whibberley, who runs a pub in England.
Hey guys, well its not been too much of an eventful month. Weather has changed to “miserable” and the dark mornings are not fun when you have to walk your puppy! But its the winter season so we are in full swing with our pool team, who have had a great start to the season. We have two darts teams this year and our two dominoes teams start their league tonight. I’ll be putting on some nice warm stew for them.
And it’s Halloween…. We had our ‘Killer Karaoke Halloween Fancy Dress Party” over the weekend and what a great night we had. As you can see from the photos, so many people made an effort and came out to support their local boozer!
I do go a bit over board with decorations, but hey ho, it’s only once a year… well, until Christmas at least, LOL.
I should really talk about Mia a bit more, she is the newest member of our team, the most loved by far and the cutest.. She is my golden working cocker spaniel of 9 months now. THE PUB DOG!! Us country pubs are pretty well known for having pub dogs as most of us are dog friendly anyway. So I will keep you updated on her antics each month. This month being (and when you see how small she is!!!) jumping onto the pool table, mid game to chase the balls. Little tinker.
Righty o peeps, I will speak to you next month. Enjoy your own Halloween parties, stay happy and eat chocolate!
Tracey Whibberley, publican of The Wheatsheaf Inn in No Mans Heath, England, writes monthly for the British Beer Company.