NO MANS HEATH, England — My little pub is in a decent size village called No Mans Heath! I am the only pub in the village! This is obviously a great benefit to me 😊

The village population is around a thousand with more homes being built in every spare field. Again, great for me, not so great for the community, I think I’m the only one who votes “yes” every time, lol.

The place name was first recorded as early as 1483 in the form “Nomonheth” and as “No Mans Heath” in 1671. (Wikipedia). In either case, the name refers to commonland (not sure what that says about the people)!

I live upstairs in the the flat above the pub, most pubs in England offer this. It does make it 24 hours a day but has its perks as well: no traveling, food cooked for me, alcohol on tap!

This month we have hosted two christenings, both were for around a hundred people, both buffets, marquees and a bouncy castle for mostly the kids. Both were regulars that come in which is so lovely, that they enjoy it here so much they would have their special day with us. Love my job!

A christening in the village of No Mans Heath.
The Wheatsheaf Inn hosted the christening party.
Inside, the pub was festively decorated.






What’s a family party without a bouncy castle!


I am making progress on my second pub, It is currently closed so I am in the process of advertising and interviewing staff before I can go any further. This is taking up a lot of my time at the moment, but will be worth it, I hope…..

Halloween is coming up, so the next newsletter I will share some great pictures from The Wheatsheaf!

Bookings for Christmas are coming in nicely…where has the year gone?

Hope you are all doing well and staying safe in the USA.

Catch you next time.


—Tracey Whibberley, owner of The Wheatsheaf Inn, is a former employee of British Beer Company who moved back to England and bought her own pub. She writes for the BBC monthly.