BBC-ers look back on some of their memories of life in the fun lane.

As we’ve mentioned in the past, hanging out in our pubs and catching up with the crews is one of the bests parts of our, um, job. Sometimes we simply yip-yap and get caught up on each pub’s news (a.k.a. gossip) and sometimes we ask a bunch of the people the same question. You didn’t think we just randomly came with up with blog fodder all our own, did you?

On a recent round of QCVs we asked the crew to share a favorite memory of their time at the BBC.

So, without further ado and in no particular order, a sampling of fave memories:

  • jessica-hopkins-gm-falmouth-heights-2Jessica Hopkins, G.M. @ Falmouth Heights: “The 13th Annual Polar Plunge was just insane. All of these crazy people come down here and jump in the water. It really ties into our culture and it’s just crazy fun.” 

BTW: ‘Our culture’ includes raising money for local charities while having a great time. The polar plunge is an annual fundraiser held in March.

  • kady-jurnove-service-manager-walpole-3Kady Jurnove, Service Manager @ Walpole: “I’d have to say ghost hunting upstairs. People say the building is haunted, so I won’t go up there alone.”
  • alexandra-antaya-wal-2Alexandra Antaya, Server @ Walpole: “Just hanging out on Saint Patrick’s Day; me and few friends were sitting in the kitchen listing to music and working. We were all dressed up. We went all out for that holiday.”
  • Samantha Saucier, Server @ Franklin: “We always have big going-away parties here. When Aaron, our kitchen manager in Worcester was leaving, we had a big dance party in the parking lot. It was a blast.”
  • matt-mcmanus-bar-manager-framingham-3Matt McManus, Bar Manager @ Framingham: “I jumped in to help with the dishes and got bleach all over my pants. I didn’t realize I had pink spots all over my pants until a customer pointed it out.”
  • jay-narinian-gm-worcesterJay Narinian, G.M. @ Worcester: “One Halloween I was all dressed up – face paint, a costume, the works – and someone got hurt. The police and fire department came. I no longer wear a Halloween costume.”

With Halloween on the horizon, we really hope Jay rethinks his stance on costumes. With his commanding presence and calm demeanor, we’re quite certain he can handle any situation that may happen to come up…even if he was dressed as a unicorn.