It’s not always about the beer, as much as we hate to admit it. We, as well-rounded purveyors of the finest English spirits, need to do our due diligence and give our customers the best of the best from all corners of the liquor cabinet. The Westford pub is following that lead and hosting a Tenure Vodka tasting tomorrow night. Guess what we’re doing tomorrow?

In case you’re unfamiliar with this esteemed English spirit, let us give you a crash course in Tenure 101 (courtesy of

Tenure hails from a distillery established during the time of King William III. When he came to the throne in 1689, William III enacted a series of statutes enthusiastically encouraging the distillation of English spirits. In 1761, Tenure Vodka was born.

In this historic distillery, the Master Distiller (where do we sign up?) selects only the finest NON-GMO grains from England for each individual batch. The amount of distillation in the copper pot varies for each batch— it could be distilled up to 100 times before it achieves the desired taste. 

The castle on the label is Arundel Castle, a notable English estate that has stood for nearly 1000 years. Home to many generations of the mannerly and cultivated, it provides the  inspiration to maintain time-honored traditions and demand for perfection. 

Head over to the Westford pub Thursday, February 22nd from 7-9 p.m. and be a part of the most nuanced and cultured vodka tasting this month!