Everybody loves parties. But not everyone loves the idea of cleaning the house, grocery shopping and chopping and cooking all day. And no one likes the required après-party cleanup. If hosting a party is in your future, stop stressing over it. Grab your phone and call your nearest BBC. More than half of the BBC locations have private party rooms. And the locations that don’t all have alcoves and cozy corners that are just the right size for smaller groups.

  1. You and your football fanatic friends have outgrown your living room
    Does this sound familiar? Sundays used to be you and your spouse and a couple of other people eating frozen pizza – well; you know, after it’s been cooked – while you watched Tom Brady do his thing. As the number of people showing up every week grew, so did the menu and now you slave over the stove making chili and wings, and quesadillas and nachos. We have wings. And chili, quesadillas and nachos. And beer…lots and lots of beer. Call ahead and reserve a room with a big-screen TV and we’ll take care of the rest.
  2. You’ve had it with the after-hours networking events at banks and insurance offices
    Enough with the dried-out cheese and wilted crudité. No more choking down bad boxed wine in some sterile surrounding. Put down your wingtip – or Manolo slingback – and say ‘no more’ to the typical B-to-B networking event. We’ll give you a private room, and get our creative on to come up with a crowd-pleasing, budget-friendly menu. Add a cash bar and you’ll be the hero of the local business community.
  3. Your best friend’s getting married
    Of course you’re thrilled when your best friend announces their engagement. And you’re beyond ecstatic when they ask you to be their best man or maid of honor. And you just can’t wait to plan their bachelor party or wedding shower. Hmmm…maybe not. With our wood-paneled walls, massive TVs and kick-butt selection of local brews, the BBC is a natural for bachelor parties. If you’re thinking ‘no way’ for a bachelorette party, think about the fact not every bride-to-be considers an afternoon of finger sandwiches and white wine spritzers served in a gazebo to be their dream wedding shower. For the record; we do have white wine…and salads.
  4. It’s [almost] the holiday season…
    Yeah, yeah; we know it’s not even Halloween yet. And yet, it is actually time to start thinking about thanking your awesome team for a great year by having a little holiday soiree. If you’re the owner or manager who finds yourself in freak-out mode in the first week of December every year, scrambling to come up with a fun location where everyone will feel comfortable and you know the food and drink will be top-notch, kick things up this year by putting together a party plan sooner than later.